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Beyond NCLB Report Out….

February 14, 2007 By: richard.ginn Category: NCLB, No Child Left Behind, Uncategorized

The Commission On No Child Left Behind has released this major report given out loads of changes that they would like to see with this bill.

The first thing they look is quality of teachers. They would like to move over to a new Highly Qualified Effective Teacher Status. To meet this status data is going to be collected on a teacher. Data collected includes student achievement. If they do not meet HQET status professional development begins, if they still do not meet it principals will notify parents a teacher does not meet HQET status and if a teacher can’t meet HQET status at the end of seven years they will not be able to teach in a title 1 school.

Under my plan I created a few years ago I came up with a teacher’s portfolio idea. It is a little bit like what they have.

They want principals to meet Highly Effective Principal status.

The second thing they look at is AYP goals. They want improved AYP calculations, science scores be apart of AYP scores, ELL students gets one extra year to stay in this subgroup.

The third thing they look at is Transfers and fixing struggling schools. They would like to see an expansion of school seats available at schools that meet AYP goals and would like to more federal funds set aside for title one schools.

The fourth thing they look at is standardize testing. One of the recommendations they want is to create a 12-grade standardize exam that could be used to also award college credit as well.

The fifth thing they look at is curriculum. They want a voluntary national set standard for students. That standard will get looked at compared to every state standard.

The rest of the report for me does not included anything super spectacular.

This report is really great at telling you how the NCLB works in its current form. This report contains loads of great stats in it as well.