• I do not find them unconstitutional, but then I do
    not think they improve the school system much at all.
    • School voucher money should go to the public schools
      to make them better.
  • If the teachers in a school where vouchers are accepted
    stinks the school is going to stink anyway
  • If the school district feels they need to have school
    vouchers, then they can have them.


School vouchers are a hot button topic in the education reform area. I am not one to say that you should delete schools that accept vouchers because you will find some of these types of schools doing well in educating the kids.

Like I will always say if you have a good teacher any student can easily learn even if the school is a public school.

If a school district is going to use school vouchers they must pay for the whole tuition for the school, but the school district has to make sure the school receiving the money does not go overboard on price of the school.


Is this a church and state issue?? Well I don’t think all private schools are catholic type schools so I thought it deserved a seperate section on the menu.