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The Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives…..

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has a new report out that looks at the New Orleans school district five years later after Hurricane Katrina.

The report shows a massive drop off in the amount of school students in New Orelans after Katrina, but have doubled the amount of students since the Hurricane. The amount of school teachers in the area has also gone up a bit since the hurricane as well.

107 low-performing OPSB schools where moved over into the Recovery School District (RSD),

Race did not change much in the school district after the Hurricane. Whites and others only gained around 2% more each after the hurricane, but were at very low numbers.

The hurricane completely lowered the amount of the teachers in the local school district with 20+ years of teaching experience, but the salaries kept up with the rest of the state though.

Test scores the over the five year period continued to go up.

College Related Articles For July 30, 2010…

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The Indy Star reports on Butler University that is now requires campus events such as art shows, operas and lectures to be apart of the core curriculum. Students at the college must attend one a semester in order to graduate.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on Chicago City Colleges that will lay off 225 “non-instructional” employees.

The Herald Leader reports on Research funding at the University of Kentucky that broke the $300 million mark for the first time during fiscal 2010.

The Sacramento Bee reports on CSU campuses that are ready to accept applications for spring admission.

The New York Times reports on Brown University that accepts just a few students each year into the medical school who have not taken the MCAT exam, organic chemistry, and physics. The also look at Mount Siani that has lower requirements as well.

The Houston Chronicle reports on an advisory committee tasked with making Texas higher education more efficient recommending that the state make better use of online courses and “no-frills” education and tie state funds to course completion rather than enrollment.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Reports On Georgia Students….

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that struggled on the End of Course Test for Math II.

The LA Times And Christian Science Monitor Both Report On President Obama….

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his refusal to refuse to budge on his education plan.

Christian Science Monitor link, LA Times link.

College Related Articles For July 29, 2010…

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The AP has an article out looking at a new AP-Univision Poll out that looks at college dreams for Hispanics.

The Hartford Courant reports on the big enrollment jump straining Community Colleges in Connecticut.

The Detroit News reports on Lake Superior State University that has opened up a satellite campus.

The News & Observer reports on the Department of Defense that has reopened its program to help military spouses pay for school. Fewer people will be eligible and they’ll get less money.

The Union-Tribune reports on colleges that are getting upgrades.

The Post Dispatch reports on a program that aims to increase number of college grads in St. Louis area.

The Times Dispatch reports on George Mason University that is studying whether to open a campus in South Korea.

The Boston Globe reports on Salem State College that is providing students a new opportunity to prepare for jobs in the growing hospitality industry.

They even report on Bridgewater State College along with a few other colleges in the state that are going to change over to University names.

The Star Tribune Reports On 19 Low Performing Minnesota Schools….

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that are going to be splitting up 19 million bucks in order to help improve their academics.