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The Latest Manhattan-Institute Study….

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looks at how much a teacher makes a year. The report I think overstates big time on how much a teacher gets paid. They are looking at data from what the BLS puts out.

The report says that a teacher works on average of 36.5 hours a week. The are 100% missing the extra time a teacher spends on grading papers, planning lessons, etc…

The report looks at 66 cities only and puts the Detroit Public School system at the top of the list with an average salary of 47.28. They also listed the New York metropolitan area at $45.79 per hour. NO-WAY could that be correct, only in a few legit areas in the NYC area with lots of experience can you earn that much in a year.

The reports compares teachers to white-collar(excluding sales) workers in the 66 cities. They also compare the job of a teacher to other career fields which was a nice thing.

Any teacher out their wants to chime in on what I said???? Feel free to post a comment.

Atlantic Philanthropies….

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is going to spend 14.6 million in a grant to the KIPP schools. It will pay for expansion of KIPP schools and pay for a long-term study of students that go to KIPP schools.

College Debt Advice From Recent Grads….

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is the subject of a new article from the USA Today. They have a nice map of the USA with rollover dots that showcase the person, college they went to, debt they have, and some advice.

Some of the advice that shows up the most is don’t spend on what you do not have to, skip using credit cards to pay for your education, and going to some place cheaper. The debt levels posted range from under 10 grand all the way up to over 100,000 in just college loan debt.

The article stated that 68% of the people polled thought the college experience was worth it, but 44% though the cost was not worth the value of the degree.

21st Century Scholars Program Article

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The Tennessean reports on this program used in Indiana, Oklahoma and Georgia to get get students through college.

75% Of College Students In Tennessee…

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who received the first batch of lottery-funded HOPE scholarships will not be graduating with them. These students will have failed to meet GPA guidelines set forth by the program.

It has caused a 300 million surplus in the program and lawmakers in the state are wondering how they are going to lower that surplus.

Richmond Public Schools….

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is not going to cut the driver’s education program it has. 700 students in the program pay 60 bucks to take the class and the program costs 140,000.

When I was in high school many years ago my local school district had a drivers ed program that had a maximum of 216 students in it and had a total cost of around 22 grand to run. The price for students inside the school district was a measly 3 bucks after the funding got cut the price skyrocketed up to 135 bucks.