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To Dream The Impossible Dream Comments.

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I love this Thomas B. Fordham Foundation report and what they attempted to do. This report came up with four approaches to national standards and tests for the USA school system after getting responses from some experts. They are national set standard junkies just like I am.

The Foundation sent out twelve questions and all of them are good questions. Questions even I have gone through when up with my idea to solve the educational system.


Margaret Spelling Says….

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That the No Child Left Behind bill is close to perfect and does not need any changes.

I would like to know what drugs she was on when she said that statement. The “Highly Qualified Teacher” part of the bill has been a flop. States all across the USA are reporting more schools are failing. I still say we need national set standards for students which is not even in the bill.

USAToday Has Three Articles Up…..

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on colleges.

One article is saying that college tuition increases are moderating.  They looked at 75 schools over 50 states and saw a 6.4% avergae increase.

Another article is saying that financial aid is not keeping up with the pace of tuition and fees.  USAToday got data back from 65 colleges.  Average aid went up 1,000 over last year, but average tuition and fees went up 1,465.

The final article they have is asking if out-of-state students are crowding in-state schools.  Out-of-state population in colleges has gone up around 7% since 1996 says tha article.  The article also states that the amount of high school graduates is going to drop soon according to projections from theWestern Interstate Commission for Higher Education

More Small Liberal Arts Colleges….

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are going SAT optional. Mount Holyoke, Middlebury, Hamilton, Union and Dickinson are now on the growing list.

I hope down the road all colleges dump the SAT and ACT Exams in admissions.

A Backlash Is Starting To Form…..

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against breaking up big schools. Two high schools they went the small-school route lost 300,000 grand ion funding for bad curriculum.  In New York City though schools that have gone this was have seen graduation rates go up big time.

Carman Visnich Spent A Few Weeks….

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in a tour of China and Korea as part of the Kansas Consortium for Teaching about Eastern Asia.  Information learned on the trip will bed used in the classroom.