Why was this website created??: This website was created for many reasons:

  • The USA needs a new educational system that is the best in the world, which will challenge the students and make the best-prepared students for the real world and for the college world when they graduate from High School.
  • The job market has totally shifted since the 1950’s and 1960’s, but the educational system has not made a proper change at all. Sure computer science classes are taught in high schools today, but not the way they really need to be taught.
  • I wanted to showcase my very unique educational plan to the world in hopes to start a grass roots effort for the main important pieces of my educational system and get my main ideas passed by the federal Government.

Who created this website??: A concerned American citizen who wants a real educational system that solves the problems that are in the current system and creates the highest high school standard the planet Earth has ever seen.

I would like to thank: Various websites, especially and the educational section the website has. Plus I will also thank websites of newspapers, the newspapers themselves, any TV show that has helped me along the way, and the company hosting my website.