College Related Articles For July 29, 2010…

July 30, 2010 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

The AP has an article out looking at a new AP-Univision Poll out that looks at college dreams for Hispanics.

The Hartford Courant reports on the big enrollment jump straining Community Colleges in Connecticut.

The Detroit News reports on Lake Superior State University that has opened up a satellite campus.

The News & Observer reports on the Department of Defense that has reopened its program to help military spouses pay for school. Fewer people will be eligible and they’ll get less money.

The Union-Tribune reports on colleges that are getting upgrades.

The Post Dispatch reports on a program that aims to increase number of college grads in St. Louis area.

The Times Dispatch reports on George Mason University that is studying whether to open a campus in South Korea.

The Boston Globe reports on Salem State College that is providing students a new opportunity to prepare for jobs in the growing hospitality industry.

They even report on Bridgewater State College along with a few other colleges in the state that are going to change over to University names.