The Ron Clark Story Movie Review.

August 15, 2006 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

I thought the movie was good, but not great. I thought we had some scenes that were a bit overdone. I also thought this movie just wasn’t 100% accurate.

The movie stars Matthew Perry as Ron Clark who leaves a small North Carolina school. He leaves it for a New York City school in Harlem. This movie is very formulaic from start to finish which is a minor problem for me.

It stars a typical bunch of students who do not want to learn at all including Hannah Hodson as Shameika Wallace who had to take care of a couple of kids while her caretaker worked a couple of jobs. It stared that typical principal that wanted you follow his rules that a teacher like Ron Clark would never do.

I liked that Ron busted out a bunch of rules. The kids deserved it. I thought him trying to do a presidential rap was great idea and a funny moment in the film. The milk chugging scene was an interesting way to get the students to listen to the teacher Ron meeting with all the parents before he started teaching was a great idea. Not even ammonia tried to stop this teacher from teaching that I thought was impressive. Doing some long distance type learning while he recovered from his ammonia sure did show some dedication to his kids.

I thought the messed up classroom scene was a bit overkill on the destruction though.

We had a typical end to a movie like this where the students learn how good they did.

Overall none of the performers gave an award winning performance, but the group as a whole gave a thumbs up performance. The movie never did bore me and kept my attention until the end. I am going to give this movie a solid mild thumbs up.

Just going on what I saw from the movie Ron Clark was a great and innovative teacher.  Along with other teachers such as David MacEnulty, Marva Collins, and Albert Cullum we have to look at them. We have to see what they have done and incorporate more of what they have done in the educational system in our current educational system today.

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