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MTV Dropout Chronicles review.

May 10, 2007 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

I looked at this 30-minute show and thought it was too short. It did throw out a lot of basic stats on high school dropouts which was nice to see. They report said that only one of the three students they looked at in detail graduated.

The best part of the whole show was the great production value they gave this special report. They showcased what a lot of other students had to say which I liked as well.

Glendy from the Bronx has to walk, then take a bus, and finally a train to get to school each day. She was held back one year. They showcase a roll model that she has in a teacher. Could have shown more of this and certainly more of her struggles to get good grades.

Sean from Miami skipped school a lot that caused him to not graduate, he wanted to play sports. If he was to graduate he would have been the first one in his family to do so. The parents and the school should have been there more getting this kid to school.

Maxine who is from San Diego is the only one that graduates, but has to take an extra three weeks for one credit that she did not have. She thought all she had to do was pass the econ exam to graduate, but it was not enough. Says the school did not tell her about the missing credit until it was too late, which sucks. She wound up getting a job as a waitress.

Some of the friends of these students were dropouts as well. This is no good and not going to help students to graduate.

If this show was a one full hour long we could have had a bigger better look at all three students in the report which I think is needed. Maxine was only looked at in the final weeks of her high school life that I did not like. It also would have been nice if we knew more about why Maxine was bad in some of her class work.

In the end I would give this show a thumbs up and something to watch and I was never expecting MTV to do something like this.