Education News For July 7, 2011…

July 07, 2011 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the local school district bracing for fallout from the cheating investigation. The New York Times also reports on the cheating.

The New York Times reports on classroom time shrinking at budgets get cut.

The Education Week has up an article on more states defiant on NCLB compliance.

The Christian Science Monitor reports on a new survey asking what can universities do to keep costs down.

The Tennessean reports on UT-Knoxville students that can’t class-shop till they drop

The Miami Herald has an article up on Florida beginning charging for adult-education classes.

The Detroit News reports on charter schools in the local area doing worse than the public schools at educating their kids.

The Providence Journal reports on plans to have 5 more charter schools in the state.

The Indy Star reports on good schools that are fearful of bad grades in rating system.

The LA Times reports on programs try to save students from ‘summer slide’ in academics.

The News & Observer reports on cuts for the Governor’s School may end summer program for gifted students.

The Union-Tribune reports on the local school district that is going to tackle the African-American achievement gap.