Beyond The Blackboard Movie Review….

April 25, 2011 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

This is a the latest movie from the Hallmark Hall of Fame dealing with an extra special teacher. This time it was teacher Stacy Bess played by Emily VanCamp from the ABC show Brother and Sisters. The movie takes place in Salt Lake City Utah mainly in a very run down building for homeless people.

The movie was good, but I did not find it extra special. The performances were also good, but none of them imo were extra special either. The kids in the film were hardly bad kids, but all they wanted a regular teachers. The teacher was a really nice lady that wanted the best for the students. The school district and the city were stupid to not see the building being used in the first place.

The movie mainly goes through the first year of her as a teacher at the dump of a homeless shelter. The only main problems for her was getting books and desks for the students plus some cleanup of the room. To me her first year was a bit too much like a fairytale where all the parents we happy to pitch in and do the right things which to me ruined my experience a bit while watching the movie. Even the husband of Stacy Bess was a just a bit too good be true.

I still give the movie a thumbs up to see, but not a big thumbs up.