College Related Articles For May 31, 2010…

May 31, 2010 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

The New York Times has an article up by Ron Lieber looking at who should face the blame for student debt.

I say: Everyone is to blame for this. Cortney Munna and the mom for picking N.Y.U in the first place. Cortney going for a degree in Woman’s studies. The loan companies saying yes to the loans. The Financial aid office saying she can take on so much debt. The college itself for the sky high tuition for that degree. If she went to SUNY Oswego for the same degree with the dorm room fee she could be around 50,000 in debt if she paid for it all in cash, not the around 100 grand in debt she is in now.

The Tennessean reports on colleges in the state that working to ensure that credits transfer to other colleges in the state.

The Indy Star reports on summer enrollment at Ivy Tech schools up 17.2% this year.

USA Today has an article up on cash strapped colleges going after unpaid parking tickets.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Community colleges to get funds for retraining.

The AP reports on the San Francisco mayor who wants to start college accounts for kindergartners.

The AP reports on smart ways to pay off college loans.