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Beyond The Blackboard Movie Review….

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This is a the latest movie from the Hallmark Hall of Fame dealing with an extra special teacher. This time it was teacher Stacy Bess played by Emily VanCamp from the ABC show Brother and Sisters. The movie takes place in Salt Lake City Utah mainly in a very run down building for homeless people.

The movie was good, but I did not find it extra special. The performances were also good, but none of them imo were extra special either. The kids in the film were hardly bad kids, but all they wanted a regular teachers. The teacher was a really nice lady that wanted the best for the students. The school district and the city were stupid to not see the building being used in the first place.

The movie mainly goes through the first year of her as a teacher at the dump of a homeless shelter. The only main problems for her was getting books and desks for the students plus some cleanup of the room. To me her first year was a bit too much like a fairytale where all the parents we happy to pitch in and do the right things which to me ruined my experience a bit while watching the movie. Even the husband of Stacy Bess was a just a bit too good be true.

I still give the movie a thumbs up to see, but not a big thumbs up.

College Related Articles For April 25, 2011…

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The Herald Leader reports on the burden on students as the tuition rate keeps on going up.

The AP reports that Ohio colleges are saying more students are seeking financial aid.

The Boston Globe reports on colleges that worry about always-plugged-in students.

The Tennessean reports on Blemont’s first law class filling up.

The AP reports on cuts likely for Bright Futures scholarships.

Education News For April 25, 2011…

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The New York Times reports on A trial run for school standards that encourage deeper thought.

The New York Times reports on the game of Bridge growing in popularity in schools across the USA.

The News & Observer reports on a group that opposes schedule changes for 14 Wake year-round schools.

The Washington Post reports on charter schools that suffer leadership shortages.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the budget ax in school districts threating school nurses.

The Denver post reports on the minority gap between students and teachers growing in Colorado.

Education Articles For April 22, 2011…

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The LA Times reports on Cal State Fullerton students ending a 4-day sit-in over budget cuts.

The AP reports on for-profit colleges adopting conduct code.

The Denver Post reports on two Denver schools try group approach to teaching reading.

The Post Dispatch reports on City schools budget calls for school closures and new programs.

The Detroit News reports on state school aid budget that cuts $340 per student.

Education Articles For April 20, 2011….

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on schools rally support to fight cuts in state funds proposed by Gov. John Kasich.

The Dallas Morning News reports on Lancaster school officials laud high number of college-bound seniors and TAKS scores.

The Miami Herald on Broward’s class of ’12 might see some graduation changes.

College Related Articles For April 20, 2011..

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The Chicago Tribune reports on many college grads that are forced to take low wage jobs.

The AP Reports on University of Kentucky students facing a possible 6% increase in tuition. The Herald Leader also reports on the tuition increase.

The Detroit News reports on a State Senate committee seeking 10 million in cuts to community colleges in Michigan.

The Mclatchy-Tribune News Service reports on textbooks now available on Android phones with CourseSmart app.

The USA Today reports on more high school students looking at more eco-friendly campuses.