Now I am no expert on this so I am only going to make a guess, a weak guess, at to the cost of this plan in two parts. Part one is up front costs associated with my plan and part two is are the on going costs that will occur to keep the plan running smoothly.

School Building Repairs 375 Billion
New Textbooks 15.25 billion
New Teachers and Salary Increase 80 Billion
Teacher Coaches 12.8 Billion
Teacher Stipened 5 Billion
New Nurses 15 Billion
School Buses 41.65 Billion
Sports ???
After School Activities ???
Library 600 Million
More School Counselors 12.8 Billion
TOTAL 558.1 Billion
NOTE: For Textbooks and Buses it is
100% replacement costs if we had to replace everything now.

On going costs for each year are going to vary after the up front costs are dealt with. We are going to have to pay out all that extra money for teachers, new textbooks only when needed, school repairs, etc…. I would say it might cost 100 Billion a year extra.


What caculations did you use for some of the upfront costs??

Good question and the answers are right below:

56 million kids times 40 bucks a book times 6 books a kid average plus a little extra thrown in equals 15.25 billion

Around 4 million teachers total k-12 public and private

Around 1 million new teachers up front for my plan times 45,000 dollars per teacher plus 2 million teachers times 15,000 bucks average salary increase plus an added 10 billion for some leway equals 80 billion.

Around 320,000 new teacher coaches times 40,000 a year in salary as a guess comes out to 12.8 billion bucks.

Around 4 million teachers total k-12 public and private times 1250 bucks spent each year on the stipend equals 5 billion.

70,000 Bucks per school bus times an average of 35 buses per school district times 17,000 school districts equals 41.65 Billion

320,000 public 40,000 bucks per nurse minus a few billion for nurses we already have gives me a guess of 15 billion

100,000 school library’s times 6,000 a year for new books equals 600 million.

320,000 more school counselors times 40,000 bucks a year equals 12.8 billion