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Links that I looked at this week showed me a different idea on how to educate a high school student. Something that I think actually works better than the traditional High Schools that we have now. I still love my idea for fixing the educational system and will promote all the good my idea can bring to all of America. We really need to move as close to this idea or mine as much as possible.

All these schools have one thing in common. They are all Early College type High Schools. These High Schools are all stuck on college campuses. I love that idea. We do not have many of these schools though and that stinks.

The Times Dispatch piece talks about the Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College High School. It is on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham. What is so great about this school is that all the students that have finished the tenth grade as a sophomore will have completed all of the High School level classes they need. What is even better is that students in this Early College High School are not special genius type students at all, just your regular average American teenager. I never did think up an idea like this. When students are done with his or her senior year they will get a 2-year college degree as well.

The Education Week article goes in a different direction. They talk about Paul McNabb who was almost a High School dropout until he went to Early/Middle College at Guilford Technical Community College. He now gets great grades and wants to even move on to a fire-fighting program. They also talked to T-Jay Foultz who said he might be locked up somewhere if it was not for a school like this. At some schools people are juggling motherhood while going to school at the same time or have even been a drop out. Creation of these schools has caused lower dropout rates in Guilford County North Carolina which is a great thing.

Although having as many of these schools as possible is a good thing we still need to fill jobs for things such as plumbers, woodworkers, carpenters, etc…. which I feel would never work curriculum wise with Early College High Schools at all and where my idea works best.

I would hope that the Margaret Spellings looks at schools like this and gets more funding for these types of schools. They are non-traditional High Schools that I think easily help create a better workforce, something that the No Child Behind Act will never accomplish.


Early College High School link: http://www.earlycolleges.org/

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