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This was certainly an idea I never have come up with, but after reading an article about what Kathy and Jerry Olinik are doing at the two McDonald’s restaurants they own I have to say that I like this idea. This is truly one unique job benefit.

Students who work at these McDonald’s will get paid for one full hour to do homework. The managers will supervise and make sure that homework does get done. I like that.

The McDonald’s corporation is going to look at this idea very carefully which is great. I think this idea is actually going to work out and will become a company wide idea down the road. Major success of this idea will cause other companies to try this idea as well for sure.

The Olinks are not doing this for money; they are doing this because they think this is the right thing to do. I 100% agree with them. Kathy did try this idea out 15 years ago when staffing the 4pm to 9pm shift was tough to do. Both the students and the parents loved this idea.

People that do pioneering stuff like this are winners in my book and I will certainly applaud them for trying this out. WAY TO GO OLINKS!!!


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