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Education News For October 24, 2011…

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The LA Times reports on UC’s new admissions rules confusing applicants.

The Tennessean reports on out-of-state students testing TN universities.

The New York Times reports on students at LaGuardia Community College in Queens taking remedial classes.

The New York Times reports on elite local high schools cutting down on home work.

The Detroit News reports on a survey that says class sizes over limit at 42 Detroit schools

The AP reports on women making slow, but sure strides in science and math.

A Couple College related articles…

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The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce is out with a new report saying that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics skills are spreading far beyond fields like computing and lab research.

The AP reports that U-M’s fall enrollment is at record levels for third straight year.

American Institutes for Research Is Out With A Report..

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saying that in the years from 2004 to 2009 U.S. Community colleges have spent almost 4 billion bucks on community college students that do not come back for a second year.

Education News For October 20, 2011…

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The Miami Herald reports on Gov. Rick Scott that wants to know where college graduates in Florida are finding jobs, how much they’re earning and what university officials are paid.

The New York Times reports on Australia shifting gears to attract more international students.

The Hartford Courant reports on Jumoke Charter School and how they are doing great score wise.

The Christian Science Monitor reports on weather a new No Child Left Behind law can pass before the 2012 elections. The AP though reports on education making a political comeback in Washington.

The Chicago Tribune reports on six out of every 10 Illinois public schools have failed to meet federal test targets this year.

The Detroit News reports that the Detroit Public Schools have exceeds target student enrollment even after getting a 9.7% decrease in enrollment from last year.

The Dallas Morning News reports on more Texas students taking Advanced Placement tests, but the passing rates aren’t keeping up.

USA Today Is Out With An Article On Student Loan Debt….

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going over the 1 trillion mark this year and this year is the first time Americans have borrowed over 100 billion bucks to go to college.

Education News For October 18, 2011…

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CBS Minnesota reports on Eleven-year-old Lucas Kramer who is a college student.

The AP reports on U-M reporting that they now have a $7.8 billion endowment.

The AP reports on Grants often help drop college costs below official estimates.

The Baltimore Sun reports on Maryland declining to file in first round of No Child Left Behind waivers.

The Oregonian reports on a loss of grant funding hitting Oregon charter schools hard