What Works Clearinghouse Says….

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that both Reading Mastery and Open Court Reading both are failures. They are created by SRA McGraw-Hill.

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  1. 😀 Interesting analysis there Dick…but a read of the actual report suggests otherwise. I thought it was pretty clear that the reviewers thought there were interfering variables that didn’t allow them to conclude that the dramatic gains were the result of the programs (which anybody with half a brain can tell is a far cry from “failure”) and/or the experimental controls fell outside of the requirements of WWC. I believe the statement was “unable to draw any conclusions at this time…”

    Try not to be so transparent…it’s unbecoming plus, it falls outside of the boundaries of intelligent discourse.

  2. Bryan Wickman says:

    Pretty naive statement on your part. What it does say in the report is that the studies WWC looked at didn’t meet their ‘standareds.”

  3. richard.ginn says:

    They are both failures do to the fact they did not meet evidence standards.

    I think the What Works Clearinghouse wants a definitive yes or no on weather a program works or not.

    That is the way I am reading it from the two very short reports.

  4. Not meeting technical standards for research design is a far cry from “failure”.

    Now, if the studies had met the technical design requirements (which is exceptionally difficult to do in a school setting btw…which is why so few programs meet the WWC requirements) and not produced significant gains, THEN one could reasonably call these programs failures…HOWEVER

    The programs contributed to producing dramatic gains BUT there were other things going on in the schools (i.e., behavior support, etc) at the same time that, with a pure scientifically-based rationale, meant the conclusion couldn’t be drawn that it was ONLY Reading Mastery contributing to the results. It means they HAVE to say “unable to draw a conclusion.” They can’t say success OR failure…the data don’t support the conclusion because the independent variable (i.e., the curriculum) hasn’t been sufficiently isolated in the research design.

    See the difference?

  5. richard.ginn says:

    Well R, we can both agree that WCC has some tough requirements that have to be met.

    I can see where you are going with your argument.


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