Education Articles For May 23, 2011…

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The Des Moines Register reports on runaway college tuition at Iowa colleges.

The Indy Star reports on Ball State weighing raising tuition as state funding falls.

They also report on IU that will raise tuition and fees 5.5%.

The Union-Tribune reports on local college grads saying going to college is worth it.

The Union-Tribune reports on a high school dropout program.

The Detroit News reports on Roy Roberts who rejects 60-student classes.

The Baltimore Sun reports on school officials and charter leaders at odds over funding disparity in the Baltimore Area.

The AP reports on a bill to create charter schools in Maine advancing.

The Miami Herald reports on the Miami-Dade district that franchises popular schools.

The Miami Herald reports on the charter school movement exploding in Florida.

The LA times reports on the Los Angeles teachers union that seeks to block test of evaluation program.

The News & Observer reports on students using cloud computing for learning.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on a for-profit company that see a future in head start.

The Tennessean reports on sports, band, other fees that will go up next year in Williamson County schools.

They also report on a longer school days for students that could be coming.

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