• A teachers portfolio is a much better way to see if a teacher keeps up on his or her studies and is a much better way to find if he or she keeps the job.
  • Things inside of the teachers portfolio:
    • Attendance records
    • Grade records
    • Exams the students take
    • Homework assignments the teacher gives out
    • Classwork assignments the tyeacher gives out
    • Grading method used by teacher
    • Unannouced teacher observations
    • Exams the teacher take
    • Report card the student fills out
    • Report card the parent fills out
    • Previous school board reviews of the portfolio
  • The teachers portfolio will be handed in every three years to the school district for review.
  • If the portfolio passes review the teacher survives for three more years, fails the review and he or she will have one oppertunity in front of the school board to explain why his or her record is still good enough for that school district.
    • If the person fails this they will be suspended for one year without pay and can't teach in any school district in the USA.
    • It will be up to the school district itself if they want to rehire the teacher after the 1 year suspension.
    • 2 totally failed reviews and the persons teacher licence is gone forever.
  • A senority based stagering system could be in place for the first round of portfolio reviews which would give teachers who have teached a long time one extra year before the review.


This is just part of my way of saying good bye to bad teachers. It is so much better than tenure any day of the week becuase it forces the teacher to be good or they are fired. Now I am open to other sugestions if something better than this can be found.

The portfolio does include all the meat and potato like stuff that a teacher uses, needs, takes, etc..

Exams, homework, and the classwork the student completes is in the portfolio so it gives the school district a chance to see if the teacher is just not giving out easy work to the students.

I will also do unanounced teacher observations so we can get a feel for how the students act in the class towards the teacher.

Report cards are end of the year questionaires filled out by the students. They are also filled out by the parents on parents night and at the end of the school year. For the students if gives them a chance to talk about the teacher, give them likes and dislikes of the course, etc... For the parent it gives them a chance to talk about the teacher and any thoughts they may have, etc...

The portfolio gets graded every three years and every thing in the portfolio gets looked at by the local school board. Weather or not you pass the portfolio grading you will get a report on the thing that the teacher will keep including in future teacher portfolio reviews for life.

I do this every three years because it does give a teacher a chance to have a not so good year and still be hired, but for the first use of this I will allow a senority based system for reviews. This will allow teachers with like 10+ years expirence to have an extra year before the portfolio review and will allow less porfolio reviews all at once for the school district.

Being very strict on a portfolio review is very important for the school district and for the school teacher.

I only give them one extra shot of being good because that is all they need. I do not want giving them chance after chance to say they will do better, being a teacher is an important thing and I do not want teachers screwing up all the time teaching.


Can they still get fired during the three year period?? Yes they can. Stuff like commiting a crime, drug abuse, sexual misconduct with a student, etc... do come to mind.


NA because this is a me created idea that is like 100% brand new to the educational world.