A Sad Article From The Chicago Sun-Times…

September 24, 2007 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

on Jason Yoder who had racked up 65,000 to 100 grand worth of debt going to college and then wound up killing himself in an ISU lab. His mother Jan Yoder received a phone call after his death from a debt collection agency to collect money on his debt and two pharmaceutical firms also called on job offers for him.

High college debt must not occur and killing yourself over this must not happen as well.

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  1. Holy cow. How far does debt go?

  2. richard.ginn says:

    Thanks for the reply Joe.

    Debt is a very bad thing and the people that have racked up 100 grand in college loan debt are going to have tough time paying all of that debt back unless they get really good paying job.

    For 100 grand in debt expect to pay around 1000 bucks a month if you pay off the debt in 10 years.

    A 100 grand in college debt is becoming more and more the norm college students especially if they are getting degrees as doctors and lawyers.

  3. Great post, thanks for the info


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