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releases a 2007 report on every single state and requirements for them to teach.

For this report they looked at six areas which included Meeting No Child Left Behind Goals, Teacher Licensure, Teacher Evaluation and Compensation, State Approval of Teacher Preparation Programs, Alternative Routes To Certification, and Preparation of Special Education Teachers. No State got an A rating in any category. Some B grades got thrown around with some best practices grades though.

Lots of important data is thrown out in this report.

They say nine states need you have taken an introduction to American history before you can teach in an elementary classroom, 3 states for Physics, and 3 states for Chemistry just to name a few. If you lack one of these classes you may not be able to teach in a certain state. I think that is nuts for some classes. If a teacher lacks a missing class or two I do not see why they can’t start right away and teach in any classroom. Just let the state force them to take an online college level class to make up for what they lack and have the state pay for the cost.

Another data they list is length to get Tenure. 35 states will let teachers get it after three years while a couple of states will let you get it after five years. Under my plan Tenure is dumped. If I was to keep tenure three years is the only one I would choose.

The alternative certification section in this report is nicely done. Most states in the USA get a disingenuous score in this category which is bad. Only a measly six states could say they have a good Alternative Certification route. Some states do not even allow a teacher getting alternatively certified to take an exam in the are they are going to teach which is a complete no-no and has to stop.

This is another report that fully says we need national set standards for teachers. This will make it a whole lot easier for teachers to move from one state to another. It is pathetic teachers have to go through this.

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