Education News For March 13, 2012…

March 14, 2012 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

The New York Times reports on a study with 20 NYC schools. Half of the schools adopted a curriculum designed by the education theorist E. D. Hirsch Jr.’s Core Knowledge Foundation while the other 10 schools used a variety of methods with most falling under the definition of “balanced literacy,” an approach that was spread citywide by former Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, beginning in 2003. Schools that used the Core Knowledge plan outperformed the other schools.

The LA Times reports on Santa Monica College that is a two year school and is going to attempt to have Math and English classes at 200 bucks a unit instead of the current 36 bucks a unit today. All California Community College classes are 36 bucks a unit now.

The LA Times reports on the L.A. Unified budget that would cut thousands of jobs.

The Detroit News reports on the state that is going to take over 15 schools.

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