Education Articles For September 1, 2011…

September 01, 2011 By: richard.ginn Category: Uncategorized

The Christian Science Monitor reports on gifted students and weather we are leaving them behind.

They also report on gifted students that shine when mined.

They even look at the The Davidson Academy which is a school for gifted students.

The New York Times reports on college grads that are stuck in limbo until they find their first real job.

The Union-Tribune reports on the The City Heights Educational Collaborative that is getting students to go through college.

The USA Today has an article up on colleges turning to microsites to attract prospective students.

The LA Times reports on the California State Senate that OKs part of California Dream Act.

The Chicago Tribune has an article up on automotive technicians gearing up for career opportunity.

The LA Times reports on L.A. Unified raising API scores but still fails to hit U.S. targets. The Sacramento Bee reports on state test scores.

The News & Observer reports on education job cuts in the state.

The AP reports that Wis. teacher retirements doubled in 2011.

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