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This is the the NYC grad from Monroe College that spent 70 grand on a college degree and can’t find a job so she is suing the college.

I highly doubt she will win her lawsuit, but this lawsuit could bring around some changes though. I do think filing a lawsuit after three months is too soon. I would also like to know what idiot thought this was a good lawsuit to begin with.

We do need more info though that can be put in another article. Why did she choose Monroe College??? Why did she an IT major??? Why not Nursing??? What did she do for those three month after graduation??? How many resumes did send out??? How much time did she spend at the Office of Career Advancement???? How much did the college help out?? How many less job openings has the college had this past school year???

The Monroe College website IMO looks really flashy and certainly showcases a school that looks like you should really be at that place. I say too many look like that.

I do think an IT degree is not that great of a degree, but still better than some though.

In the same area they have much cheaper schools called CUNY schools. A group of colleges and community colleges in the NYC area. Tuition for one semester is 2,300 bucks. The CUNY website does list 9 places to go for an IT degree. It would have been much cheaper for her to go for four years, around 25 grand for tuition, fees, and books for four years. She may be in the same situation job wise, but going to a CUNY school would have cut the debt down big time.

No college is going to have 100% graduation to job ratio, not going to happen. I do think colleges need to stress that more on the website and on pamphlets they send out.

Monroe college offers a lifetime free service for the Office of Career Advancement which is a good thing, but in this labor market almost every major is getting killed job wise. Some people have been jobless for a year plus and have drained most or all of their savings.

If she were to win, it would be a big win for sure. The college imo would be hurt big time, but I still do not think this will move her closer to getting a job. At this point of time would anyone want to hire Trina Thompson???

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  1. It is really hard to get a job right now and I am very happy that some one is trying to help. Great post.


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