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The Philadelphia Research Initiative Has A Report Out…

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looking at school closures.

They found closing a school saves little money and that students that move to another school has little performance problems academic wise.

NAEP Is Out With 2011 Math and Reading Scores.

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When it came to the 4th and 8th grade math scores:

The scores were up with Hispanic students making the biggest gains. 8th grade white students flat-lined though.

When it comes to 4th and 8th grade reading scores though….

4th grade reading scores have not gone up in the past few years while 8th grade scores show small improvement

November 1, 2011 Education News

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The New York Times reports on Copper Union that is looking to charge tuition for the first time in over 100 years.

The LA times reports on the LAUSD facing a lawsuit linking teacher ratings to student performance.

The Chicago Sun Times reports on top schools in the area have longer school days.

The AP reports on Merit pay for schools that may make the grade in NJ.

The Oregonian reports on a record 10,379 students across Oregon who speak English as their second language were deemed proficient in English last school year.

The Sacramento Bee reports on school districts waiting to see if state revenue shortfalls trigger more cuts.